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Leonardo DiCaprio is a Hollywood actor with household-name recognition. From his childhood performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? to his infamous turn as Jack inTitanic, and his more recent appearances in The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant, as an actor DiCaprio is known for versatility and trademark charisma. Before this year’s Academy Awards, his continued snubbing by the Oscar committee was enough to launch a thousand memes from fans who felt his turn was long overdue. But in recent years, the actor has found recognition of a different kind: as a champion of clean energy, a cause that’s truly worth fighting for.

Leonardo DiCaprio began his film career by recurring roles as a child actor on shows such asGrowing Pains and Santa Barbara. He received major critical acclaim for the first time followingGilbert Grape, then saw his career skyrocket into Hollywood Heartthrob territory. In 1996 he starred alongside Claire Danes in a film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet – a tacit acceptance of his fate as eye candy. By the late 90’s, he was cruising nightclubs in New York and LA with the now-infamous Pussy Posse, a regular in the tabloids and teen pulp magazines. A boy named after Da Vinci with a Mona Lisa smile.

But all that fame and canoodling didn’t seem to do it for DiCaprio. In 1998, he apparently had a change of heart. That year, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was established to promote the long-term health of the Earth and its inhabitants. Nonetheless, DiCaprio has only recently been widely acknowledged as a climate and clean energy activist alongside his well-accepted status as a Hollywood playboy.

Major themes of DiCaprio’s activism include advocacy for clean power and environmental philanthropy. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation seeks to educate and fund initiatives and collaborative partnerships that protect wildlife from extinction, restore ecosystems and promote climate change awareness. The activist has partnered with fellow actor Mark Ruffalo to increase access to existing clean energy sources. Both actors call the campaign a grassroots movement and explain that clean energy is the key to thriving local economies. DiCaprio also took corporate greed to task as a cause for the current use of fossil fuels and other unsustainable resources.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s clean energy initiatives are backed up by increasingly-apparent real world evidence. While we now know great deal about climate change and understand that our actions are largely to blame, clearing a path for action is much more complicated. DiCaprio hopes to use his Hollywood clout to encourage the world to move away from unsustainable resource mining – keeping our carbon in the ground rather than the atmosphere. CO2 emissions in 2011 alone rose to 34.65 million, according to the World Bank Group, proving that current methods of energy sourcing are no longer sustainable for the planet or its inhabitants. However, according to Ohio Gas this year in the United States solar power topped natural gas in new power generating capacity for the first year on record. The transition to a green energy economy is happening, but work from activists like DiCaprio is needed to speed things along.

While he may have been snubbed by the Academy for years, he has earned no shortage of awards for his clean energy and environmental work. After addressing the World Economic forum in Davos, DiCaprio received the 2016 Crystal award for addressing humanitarian and environmental challenges. His foundation has also been awarded an impressive $30 million in grants to fund research and green energy initiatives. These successes prove that Leonardo DiCaprio will leave behind a powerful legacy of change, even if it is not the one he originally envisioned.

Many celebrities have adopted various humanitarian causes over the years, including Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Nonetheless, few have demonstrated the consistency nor the commitment to a single cause in the way Leonardo DiCaprio has. While his foundation has branched out to include other humanitarian issues, his mission remains focused on the various ways in which the way humans interact with the environment affects communities and shapes lives. It is this powerful message that makes Leonardo DiCaprio’s career as an environmental and humanitarian activist quite possibly his greatest role yet.

Source: The 405

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