Australian Company Donates 3 Million Yuan to Fan Bingbing’s Charity


e55ddb46d9e64c3daf472c020994adf2Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Lucy Turnbull, the wife of the Australian Prime Minister, attend a press conference in Beijing on April 15, 2016. [Photo: sina.com]

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing received three million yuan, or 460-thousand US dollars, from an Australian company for her charity ‘Heart Ali.’

Lucy Turnbull, the wife of the Australian Prime Minister, joined the actress at a Beijing press conference, where Blackmore’s donation to Heart Ali was announced, and a giant cheque handed over.

Focusing on one of the most remote parts of Tibet, Heart Ali offers help to children from the area who suffer from congenital heart diseases.

“I couldn’t imagine in a land far far away, like Ali, what kind of a world they live in. When I actually visited Ali, I decided to help. The children there are beautiful. It would be hard for people who have not been to Ali in Tibet, to imagine the beautiful eyes of the children there. However, many of them battle with heart diseases from when they are born.”

Since it was set up in late 2010, the organization has helped over 200 children to receive proper medical treatments.

The actress also thanked her A-list friends, such as Kris Wu and Janine Chang, who have been happy to help.

“All those around me, if they have money, they donated money. If they have talents, they contributed their talents. We build this together, day after day, little by little, bit by bit. As I stand here today, I truly feel that to continue this path, and to do a good job of it, is far more meaningful than any great movie I can make. Thank you all.”

Fan Bingbing is set to perform in the new Jackie Chan action film ‘Skiptrace,’ due for release later this year.

Source: CRI English

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