Katy Perry backs charity which helps teachers give kids a great education


Katy Perry has an incredible CV, with her achievements, work ethic and natural born talent as a singer/songwriter, she is a student in the game of life whose experiences have netted her an enviable existence.

Despite this, she has regrets. “I have all these glittery clothes and this fun life, and I get to travel the world and sing on stage but I don’t have an education, isn’t that weird?” said Perry at a press conference today at Siren Studios in Hollywood, California.

Perry has hitched her wagon to Staples in their efforts to raise money and awareness forDonorschoose.org, one of the highest rated charities out there which funds teachers all over the USA to provide anything needed for students in the classroom.  She noted that too many teachers are digging deep into their pockets – at the average of $400 a year – to provide items for their students.

Perry was speaking directly to a small group of students brought in from Canoga Park, CA, who were beneficiaries of the money Staples and Donorschoose.org provided.

Alison Corcoran of Staples, Katy Perry and Caroline Martin of Donorschoose.org with a $1million check from Staples to the charity. Photo by @aprilofhouseneale (Instagram) for M&C

Alison Corcoran of Staples, Katy Perry and Caroline Martin of Donorschoose.org with a
$1million check from Staples to the charity. Photo by @aprilofhouseneale (Instagram) for M&C

Perry added: “Of all the things I have, I don’t have an education so now, of course, I am learning and traveling the world and listening to people and having fun cultural experiences and that’s where my education comes from now.

“I didn’t have a very consistent education because I was pulled in and out of schools and wasn’t able to really focus. But can you imagine if I had an education and all this?”

New Academy Charter School teacher Jirusha Olson, who accompanied the children, said: “I believe as a teacher I am thankful that Donorschoose.org can help us support our dreams for our students because then their future becomes a little brighter.”

Indeed, and along with that they got an awesome field trip where selfies with Katy were allowed on the indoor red carpet.


The team from Staples included PR Director Carrie McElwee, Marketing VP Alison Corcoran, and Caroline Martin who is the VP of Donorschoose.org.

Corcoran shared the amazing news that Staples was giving $1million this year on top of supporting teachers for going on three decades. That news made Perry shout with excitement. DonorsChoose.org charity has funded more than 700,000 classroom projects for teachers and has positively impacted more than 18 million students across the country.

Corcoran said: “Donorschoose.org is such a tangible way of supporting teachers to get the supplies that they need so there is that direct connection with teachers – who are really important customers of ours – as well as really helping students in the classroom.”


While Perry was taking pictures with the children, I asked her what classes she did enjoy when she was a student.

She said: “History. If I was to go back to school I would probably study world history and art. I just like to know the beginning of things, and anthropology and also English, I love how to know how words we use came to be.”

Source: Monsters & Critics

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