Most Celebrities Wouldn’t Do THIS For Sick Little Kids. These 2 Actor’s Visit To A Hospital Left Me In Tears.


Watching someone you love suffer from cancer is a gut wrenching, suffocating, and emotionally draining ordeal. I can’t even begin to fathom the pain it would be to watch a child, so innocent and young, suffer from cancer. That is why when I heard this story, it made me realize that there still are real heroes around us. Chris Pratt known for his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and Chris Evans aka Captain America had a bet going about the Superbowl this year between the Seahawks and Patriots. Pratt is a Seahawks fan and Evans is a Patriots fan. If the Seahawks won, Evans would have to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America. If the Patriots took home the trophy, Pratt would have to visit Christopher’s Haven as Star-Lord. And just in case you are not an NFL fan or could care less about the Superbowl, the Patriots won.

The feud started out as a #TwitterBowl between the two stars in early January before the Super Bowl took place.


It generated more than $27,000 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven in Boston.


The duo visited Christopher’s Haven in Boston first and Pratt held up his end of the bet by dressing as Star-Lord.


But in true super hero fashion, regardless of the bet, Chris Evans visited the Seattle Children’s hospital dressed up as Captain America.


A mother of one of the children they visited, Kelli, stated, “So many of our visitors are doctors, and the conversations are medical. I can’t wait to watch the Captain America movie with Oskar. It will be like he knows him personally now.”


After the emotional, yet cheerful visit, Evans tweeted that he’d “met some TRUE super heroes!”


Going through what these brave children and their families are going through, it makes me happy that there are real life super heroes still out there. These children were given a sense of encouragement and love to help them beat cancer. If you would like donate to help the Seattle Children’s hospital, click here.

Source: Sliptalk

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