Travis Van Winkle Hosts Star-Studded Charity Talent Show


“Everyone wants to give. They often just need to be given the opportunity,” said singer-songwriter Andy Grammer.

Sunday afternoon became the day to donate to building three schools in Senegal, Africa, as Last Ship actor, founder and host of the Lovelife: Livestream event and the global ambassador to BuildOn, Travis Van Winkle, hosted the five-hour event.

The charity was set to raise $100,000 in the allotted four-hour time slot, but was only half-way there when the clock struck four. Singer and actress Katharine McPhee took things into her own hands and stated she would not sing the second verse of her song until more donations were made, even offering to auction off the dress she was wearing for $500, before the fourth hour came to an end.

“I’m amazed how much money we have raised so far,” said Van Winkle. “Thank you. I love seeing people support such a great cause. Live-streaming is such a great new way to fundraise. I hope the audience at home is having as much as we are here.”

The audience sat back at the Microsoft Lounge in Venice, or live-streamed the globally aired event online, while hoping to raise around $30,000 per school.

Big names such as singer-songwriter Andy Grammer, singer Rachel Platten and others came to perform in the live entertainment of a compliment-rap battles, poetry, lip-sync battles, improv and musical performances.

“BuildOn has a brilliant way of guiding ‘our own youth,’ here in the U.S. all while helping abroad,” said McPhee, a buildOn Ambassador. “It helps people see outside of their own world and the current issues around the world. That alone gives reflection and perspective on life.”

Grammer, Platten, along with their manager Ben Singer, will build one school. Van Winkle, along with six big brothers and six little brothers from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program of the Greater Los Angeles area, will build a second school, and McPhee will build the third school.

The Hollywood Reporter

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