Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres Are Giving Back to Their Flooded Home State of Louisiana


Fun fact: Glory singer Britney Spears and comedian Ellen DeGeneres are both natives of the southern state of Louisiana.

The catastrophic flooding in their home state over the past few weeks has driven the two to team up and contribute to rebuilding the effected communities. More than 60,000 homes have been impacted, and the Red Cross estimates relief efforts will cost $30 million.

In a short video shared by DeGeneres, Spears explains that she’s donating a $125,000 emergency-response vehicle to the cause. DeGeneres, meanwhile, connected with a teacher and principal of a school that was flooded with more than 2 ft. of water — and is matching Spears’ gift, with $125,000 direct to the middle school for their rebuilding efforts.

This isn’t the first donation that Spears has made, however; she also auctioned off the chance to meet her and the dress she wore to her appearance on MTV’s Video Music Awards, sharing the proceeds with the Red Cross.

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, donated $1 million to Louisiana.

Source: Time

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