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Fabulous and Philanthropic – This Year’s City Gala


On June 3rd, members of iLink2Media attended the kick-off party at Brigade LA in downtown Los Angeles, for the 3rd annual City Gala and the 2nd annual City Summit to be held on the weekend of the 2018 Academy Awards. The event was presented by City Summit/Gala Founder and Philanthropist Ryan Long, and featured a discussion with “The People v. OJ Simpson” actor Dale Godboldo – iLink2Media’s Global Ambassador and founder of Project:NOW (an Always In The Club Foundation initiative).

The Event (hint: you wish you were there)

Greg S. Reid and actor Jason Erik Zacek.

The evening was hosted by Jason Sisneros, a serial entrepreneur and Board Member at Feed a Billion foundation. “The 2018 events will be programs unlike any other,” said Sisneros, “bringing together a select roster of the world’s most powerful participants in the world today. The magic that occurs will meet and surpass the prior years’ programs for producing miraculous outcomes through unforgettable events”. By popular demand, Long brought back keynote speaker and bestselling author Greg S. Reid for the evening. Inspiring would be an understatement.


Ahyende Sandy and CEO of V3 Water Robert Beam

Behind the Scenes

The City Gala/Summit Producer Ryan Long, a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, overcame many obstacles in his youth that inspired him to find the gift of philanthropy. His purpose in life: to be the ideal combination for resolving his own past issues, while empowering others to reach their full potential. With the experiences and hardships he has endured, Ryan carefully gathered his thoughts and ideas for these events which later garnered the support of Godboldo’s fiscal receiver, International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation. Long’s work has supported charitable efforts in the arts, education, human trafficking, and live organ transplants, among many worthy causes. Cue heartfelt applause.

Stars with Big Hearts

The City Gala was first held in 2015 in an effort to advance business and community through humanitarian events, and last year expanded to include a full-day business conference called City Summit.
The 2017 City Gala & Summit were held on February 11 and 12, where Halle Berry, John Travolta, and “The Avengers’” Anthony Mackie were featured speakers. Quincy Jones and Russell Simons were presented with awards. John Paul DeJoria, founder of Paul Mitchell, Patron and number 214 on the Forbes 400 list, also presented. We know, it was an amazing weekend.

Halle Berry speaks to Gala attendees at the first Summit meeting of 2017 in February.

Who Benefited?

Long chose several charities as the beneficiaries of the 2017 Gala, including the International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation (IAP), which provides funding in support of arts, education, and early childhood development, as well as the Breed Life Foundation and the Quincy Jones Foundation.

The events were as spectacular as the attendees, with “a red carpet, silent auction, and a day-long set of presentations and panels by business luminaries from organizations such as NASA, Google, Virgin Galactic and many others,” Long describes, saying the event was a big success, selling out and raising “hundreds of thousands” for charity. Some items up for auction included a San Francisco 49’rs helmet from Dwight Clark’s famous playoff game coined, “The Catch,” and original photos of Jack Nicholson, Johnny Carson with David Letterman, prior to turning over the late night slot, and a shot of Muhammad Ali throwing a punch at the Beatles in 1964.

It Doesn’t End There

The City Summit will take place over 3 days leading up to the 3rd annual City Gala on March 4th after the 2018 Oscars. The Gala is a culmination of a year-end campaign that supports humanitarian causes related to advancing access to education, mentorship programs, environmental issues, and meeting the needs of today’s global grand challenges. Stay tuned for another amazing effort for those in need.


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