The Weeknd Donates $100,000 To Children’s Medical Facility in Uganda.


Most black celebrities seem to be in a charitable mood. As reported by E News, the Grammy Award winner, The Weeknd has donated $100,000 to the Suubi Health Center in Budondo, Uganda.

The Weekend got the inspiration to contribute after his friend, and rapper French Montana recently began raising awareness for the needs of Suubi and the people of Uganda through the Global Citizen and Mama Hope foundations.

Montana launched a viral social media campaign in February titled the #Unforgettable, and went a step ahead to donate $100,000 to help the Suubi Health Center Finance incubators, ambulances, cribs and a blood bank.

The Weeknd’s $100,00 donation will benefit the completion of projects that had been started and stalled due to lack of funding such as the construction of the first floor of center’s maternity clinic which will increase its occupancy capacity.

The singer is a well-known charitable character. In the recent past, the artist tackled police brutality through supporting the black lives matter movement by promising a contribution of $250000. The Weeknd has also helped the University of Toronto develop an Ethiopic studies program by donating $38000.

Abel Tesfaye (the weekend), came to public light in the music industry with his mixtape, House of balloon in 2011. While still an upcoming artist, he came to work with Drake, Khalifa and other artists.

Among his memorable moments was in 2015 on his album ‘Beauty behind the madness’ boomed which featured the hit single ‘can’t feel my face.’

The 27-year–old-star was born in Toronto, Canada though he traces his origin from early Ethiopian migrants. He has become one of the leading performers in the R&B music genre. The Weeknd has continuously stated that his role model was the legendary pop artist Michael Jackson who challenged him to be the artist he is today.

The Weeknd has explored the maximum potential of his musical talent. To date, he has received numerous awards which include; the Grammy award for best urban contemporary album and the best R&B performance. The recording artist and producer has a net worth of approximately $30million.

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