Rosie Kosinski

Rosie’s love for great aesthetics, world travel, challenging conversation, and random acts of kindness, has been shaped by a nomadic background that allowed her to see many facets of life in a short period of time. Born in England to Irish and Polish parents, Rosie was raised in Jerusalem by her artist father and her mother, an art and jewelry shop owner, who spent her spare time hosting charity events and donating the little they had to the needy. Rosie moved around in the Middle East, to the US and back and travelled before college to Australia, Europe and Canada. She attended Davidson College, where she studied Art and French (after dabbling in English, Science, Philosophy and Psychology). After college, Rosie moved to San Francisco for a year, before moving to the East Coast to work in New York City as a Gallery Director and Graphic Designer. She now lives and works in New Jersey, often travelling to fulfill her gypsy genes and explore the world in all its textures. She hopes to be one of the ripple effects for positive change, no matter where her journey continues to take her.

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